Excel Music Studio offers a wide range of courses for all ages and levels of ability, included graded exams and teaching qualifications.

piano lessons excel music penang

Classical Piano

Learn and develop piano playing skills and play the songs of famous composers. A comprehensive curriculum where students are prepared for the ABRSM exams.

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keyboard lessons excel music penang

Keyboards & Pop Piano

This program teaches you to read and play a variety of chords & styles. Learn to improvise and play your favourite songs both as a soloist and in a band.

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violin lessons excel music penang


Learn basic skills right up to an advanced level and play the songs of famous composers from the Baroque, Classical & Romantic periods.

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acoustic guitar lessons excel music penang

Acoustic Guitar

Teaches you all the important open chords, barre chords and rhythms used to play a variety of songs. Learn a new song every lesson.

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electric guitar lessons excel music penang

Electric Guitar

A lesson by lesson introduction to the most commonly used moveable chord shapes, progressions, scales and techniques. Designed to help aspiring lead guitarist play solos from classic rock to jazz.

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bass guitar lessons excel music penang

Bass Guitar

Specifically designed program for anyone wishing to play bass in a band. Introduces a variety of bass grooves, patterns and techniques with a wide range of styles and songs.

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drum lesons excel music penang

Drums & Percussion

A step by step approach to playing drums featuring all the important beats, rhythms and fills required. Covers a broad range of styles and techniques.

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singing lessons excel music penang


Whether you have professional aspirations or just want to have fun, learn all the necessary skills required to sing your favourite songs.

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ukulele lessons excel music penang


The Ukulele is a relatively easy instrument to play. Its light, cute, compact and perfect for both young children and adults. Its a simple instrument but in the right hands, it can produce beautiful music.

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